Barcelona, a city built by Gaudi (BarceGaudi)

I’ll call this blog BarceGaudi. I’m sure you’ll quickly figure out why. I visited a few famous places in Barcelona. My first stop was Casa Batllo, another building designed by Antoni Gaudi. It is named after the original owners of the home, the Battlo’s. They hired Gaudi to design it in the early 1900’s. Although I didn’t go inside, I took some pictures of the outside…

From there I continued my journey to La Pedrera (or as I call it, the soft serve ice cream building), another beautifully designed building a short walk from Casa Battlo. Can you guessed who designed it? You got it, Gaudi. The roof really makes the building stand out. It is still currently still used as an apartment and office building. I even ponied up the cash to take a tour of the building.

Roof of La Pedrera
Roof of La Pedrera
La Pedrera (the soft serve ice cream building)








A room in La Pedrera








Next stop on the BarceGaudi tour was Park Guell. It consist’s of a few buildings, walking trails, and great view of the city. Apparently the man never slept as this park was also designed by Gaudi.

More proof i’m not at the casino all the time



This concludes the BarceGaudi tour. Poker-wise things haven’t been that great. I’ve played 3 tournaments and 1 satellite tournament and haven’t cashed in any of them. The last one, a 550 Euro buy in with a 150k Euro guarantee, I was close to making the second day and had a good chips stack, but a couple of hands went wrong and I was out after playing all night. After that I decided not to play any more poker and just enjoy my time in Barcelona. I haven’t played any cash games since the minimum stakes are 2/4NL Euros but only on machines, and 5/5NL Euros with dealers.

Thanks for tuning in, I hope you are running good on and off the felt!

P.S. Does anyone know how to insert playing cards into documents? I would like to do a post about hands I played in some of the tournaments. I think a visual playing card insert would make the post’s easier to read…Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!