Adios Barcelona, Back to the Vegas Grind!

I left Barcelona on Monday morning. After almost 24 hours of travel I arrived back in Vegas early Tuesday morning. Here are some final thoughts about my trip and of course some pictures that didn’t make it on other blogs.

Barcelona is a spectacular city. It has rich culture, old and beautiful architecture, and great people. It was a different pace there. There was a bar/restaurant on almost every block and you’d see people relaxing and chatting all day/night long. Unless you can find one of the few Starbucks or DD’s, forget about finding an iced coffee to go…

What also struck me was the numerous ways to get around town. There is a bus, metro, tram, train, bike lanes, tons of scooters, cabs etc. Also, they seemed to be very exercise and recycling conscience.  They have large recycling containers on most blocks (Vegas take note).

Poker obviously didn’t go so well. In total I played 3 tournaments and 1 satellite tournament, but failed to cash in any of them. The tournaments were extremely large fields and multi day events, but I still expected to cash in at least one. Although disappointing, with the constant natural and unnatural tragedies taking place in the world, not cashing in a few poker tournaments seems pretty frivolous and I still had a great time in Spain.

Pokerstars and the casino did a great job of treating the players well (although somewhat disorganized). They had a free players party and I even was able to go jet skiing for free.

This trip was more than just about playing poker and one thing is clear…Poker is an international language. I can go anywhere in the world and as long as there is a poker game, I know the language (Even though my Spanish isn’t bad).

As promised here are some more pictures from Barcelona:

An old bull fighting arena, now just a museum. Notice the Star of David’s (Mom)
Time for some paella!
Arc de Triumf at night
Old bull fighting arena but modernized, now a shopping center I believe


Catedral de Barcelona, side view
Soccer anyone?
Bus station
A stroll through a neighborhood
Cool looking building
If you are looking for a Bob Clapton audio cassette this might be the place to find it.



We hate AQ! With Simon S.




















Um, another building
I didn’t quite make it to that church, i’ll just save it for my next trip









Anyways, in the Vegas poker scene you’ll find me back at it, grinding hard to make up for some tournament losses (maybe even do some Uber/Lyft driving). Southpoint is starting their freeroll promotion again soon and you’ll definitely find me over there. Thanks for following my blogs and hope you have been running good on and off the felt!