Hey, I actually left the casino

I promised my family that I wouldn’t spend my whole time in Barcelona at the casino, so I did some exploring and here’s what I found:

Just a few blocks from where i’m staying is La Sagrada Familia, a huge church built in the 1880’s and designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudi. The church was a work in progress through the 1900’s and is still under construction, expecting to be completed in 2026. I guess i’ll just to have go back and see the final product!

La Sagrada Familia, the cranes are the latest addition
La Sagrada Familia, see i’m not in the casino

As I continued my journey I stumbled upon another church. Not sure the real name but let’s just call it La Segrada Pequena (mini La Segrada). Also, it is common to have statues/structures in the middle of intersections, below is one of them.

La Segrada Pequena










Around this time of year neighborhoods in Barcelona have festivals. This is la fiesta Gracia. A few streets are decorated and I saw a free jazz concert.


Free jazz concert

Unfortunately, Lionel Messi did not accept my challenge to play 1 v 1. So I just watched a game instead. It was the first game of the season against Real Betis. 56,000 people attended the game.

Outside Camp Nou
With local Las Vegas poker pro, Isidro








Watch this…Messi, off the post!                               And this…Is it in?

I played another poker tournament. It was a 330 Euro buy in. I got close to making day 2, but fell short. I’ll go into more detail in a separate post.

Thanks for reading, I hope everyone is running good on and off the felt!