Beautiful Barcelona, i’m definitely not in Vegas

At night from my apartment I can see a few lights shining high into the sky. I wondered was I still in Vegas? Is that the Luxor? So I followed the lights and they led me to Plaza de Espana, one of the city’s biggest squares. It even has two towers at the beginning called “The Venetian Towers.” Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures of them so just check them out here.

Monument/fountain in an intersection at the beginning of the Plaza
Follow the lights!









As I made my way towards the lights, I noticed a huge fountain with a large crowd gathered all around. Was I at the Bellagio? So I stayed for the show, and I was definitely not at the Bellagio. This fountain show lasted almost an hour and literally blew the Bellagio’s show out of the water.

Here are some clips:

Fountain Show 1

Fountain Show 2

I had to pay tribute to victims of the attack last week. So I visited Las Ramblas located in the Gothic Quarter. Las Ramblas is a street with a pedestrian walkway in the middle with bars/restaurants, shops etc. This is where the truck attack happened.

Main memorial at Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas








Dunkin Donuts sighting (in Las Ramblas)
Market in Las Ramblas









Some pictures from the Gothic Quarter…

I stumbled upon a little show in the Church plaza
Another big church, i’m starting to lose track here (Barcelona Cathedral)
Random street in the Gothic Quarter

I would often see these signs hanging from balconies that say “Si.” My roommate explained to me that there was a movement for the Catalonia region (where Barcelona is located) to separate from Spain. This was the first building I saw with so many signs together.

On my way back to Vegas now. Probably one more blog to follow, so check back soon! I hope everyone is running good on and off the felt!