Recap of Southpoint freeroll final table and a cheater’s justice!

I apologize for the lack of bog post’s recently, but i’ve been waiting to write about something interesting and different…

A couple times a year the Southpoint casino has a big freeroll with a large prizepool. This last one, 120 hours was need in live cash games over a 3 months span. This freeroll had 3 day 1’s and approximately 300 players. I played well on my day 1 and was able to accumulate enough chips to be the chip leader of the tournament going into day 2. As day 2 progressed, I pretty much cruised until we got down to the final 2 tables.

At this point my chip lead was overtaken and I was sitting with a slightly average chip stack. As always, my goal in a tournament is to make the final table. With this mind set, I unfortunately got myself in a bad situation when I went all in with 1010 and was called by AA. After a year of some really tough tournament beats, I finally got extremely lucky as I flopped quads! Although I had the other stack covered, it would have hurt had I lost that hand. Instead, it put me in a great position leading up to the final table of 10.

As players dropped and we moved to the final table, this is when something occurred that I have never experienced playing tournament poker. One of the players that made the final table had previously been caught cheating in other freeroll tournaments on the strip, and was banned from some properties.

I wasn’t sure how to approach the situation, I mentioned it to the other players at the final table, just so they were aware. I really wanted to say something to the player, but i elected to keep my mouth shut and just play poker. Often in tournaments like this, deals are made between the players at the final table. An early and tentative offer was made to myself and the other chip leader.  We would each get 57% of first place money. Now this was a pretty good offer (second place was only 44% of first place money). To lock up more than 2nd place money without even playing a hand was pretty tempting. I talked it over with the other big stack (Josh) and we agreed that we would be better off taking out some of the short stacks. In addition, there was a player at the table who I felt didn’t deserve any more money than he was supposed to earn in this tournament.

As the final table progressed and we knocked players out, unfortunately the questionable player was able to hang around. Once in awhile he would suggest a chop, but I still declined. We were finally able to knock him out in 5th place. Although he got a decent amount of money,  it was satisfying knowing that we made him earn it. Almost immediately after we knocked him out we began discussing a deal.

In the end I settled for 2nd place. The chip leader(Josh) had almost 50% of the chips to my 35%(I forget the exact %, but it was close). I ended up getting more money than what was initially offered, so that was great news and made my risk worthwhile.

Congratulations to everyone that made the final table (except for one person). I apologize, but the only names I caught were Josh, Tom, Danny, and Anita(all non cheaters)!

I want to wish everyone happy holidays and happy new year. In addition, I would like to thank Chris Norland and Jon Sofen for helping me get my site up and running this year. Stay tuned, I will hopefully be adding some new content to the site in addition to the blogs. I’m also planning more charity events next year! Thanks for reading, I hope your running good on and off the felt!



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