WSOP 2018 and other updates

Hi folks, Sorry for the lack of post’s since the charity tournament but here are a few updates….Soon after the charity tournament, Chai Charities officially filed for non-profit status. Although we are still waiting for the application to be finalized, we have obtained an EIN number (federal tax ID) of 82-5391706. 

We are planning on doing a couple more charity events by the end of the year so stay tuned!

As for poker…i’ve been running pretty good since the charity tournament. I played at the flamingo for a couple months.

In their monthly(relatively) freeroll, I was able to accumulate chips leading up to the final two few tables. This is when I was put in tough spot by local pro Jinnifer Rister. I had a decent stack and was looking to take advantage of players just trying to hang around longer. With this in mind, I made a middle position raise with A3 off suit and was called on the button by Jinn. Both blinds folded and there was a flop of A106(2 clubs). I continued my aggression by betting the flop, and to my surprise Jinn moved all of her chips into the middle. I had her covered but it was still a significant bet. After thinking for a few minutes I finally made the tough call. Jinn revealed her cards- QJ of clubs, so any club or K would give her the best hand. Fortunately for me,  my A3 held up and suddenly I was the chip leader in the tournament. I was able to hold the lead going into the final table. There was some really short stacks so I wasn’t ready to chop. We played for about 30 min. but the short stacks kept doubling up. At this point the blinds were really high and nobody was really safe from elimination, so we agreed on a chip chop. I took 1st in the chop for about 7k. while everyone else earned an average of about 5k.

After the Flamingo freeroll I pretty much focused on playing online. The merger of NV, NJ, and DE brought new and larger field tournaments. In addition, started running satellites to live and online WSOP events. Under my new screename, ChaiPoker(formerly chaiofdiamon), I got off to a good start by winning a freeroll that gave away 1 seat to the $365 online bracelet event. I was able to beat out hundreds of players for the seat and then finished 200th/2972 in the event for $780.

As a soccer fan, the World Cup is always an exciting time. I think it’s fitting that the the World Series of Poker and World cup coincide, as players from all over the world join together for a series of competitions. As a Lionel Messi fan, i’ll be rooting for Argentina to take home the cup.

Watch this, Lionel Messi great goal!

Here is an update on the rest of my WSOP thus far…

I fired one bullet at the colossus($565 buy in WSOP event), but only lasted a few levels in this event.

My online grind continued as I was able to win a satellite to a $1K live WSOP event. I used this for entry into the 1K double stack WSOP event. I was doing fine until I lost a significant amount of chips with a set vs. set situation. I got knocked out soon after and thus 0/2 in live WSOP events so far this year.

Another online satellite earned me entry into the $1500 monster stack live WSOP event this past week. I’ve played this event the past 2 years and haven’t cashed. However, with a good structure, I was confident that I could make a deep run in this tournament. This proved true as I was able to advance to day 2, with a slightly above average chip stack. However, we weren’t in the money yet and I knew I would have to survive for a few levels to make the money. As my stack fluctuated, I was able to hang on until the bubble broke and we were in the money. Players were dropping fast after this and I went on a nice run leading up to the dinner break. After the dinner break it was a real struggle. Lack of cards, and an aggressive big stack to my left, made it difficult maneuver. However, I held on and was able to gain some momentum close to the end on day 2. I had played at the same table all day, but got moved for the last hour of the day. With just a few hands left in the day and playing short handed, I was dealt AK of diamonds in early position. With a stack size of 140k and blinds at 1000/4000/8000 I jammed all in. I was called by JJ and for the first time in this tournament I was all in for my tournament life. JJ held up and I was eliminated in 264th/6260 places, good for about $5k. Not bad for winning a $45 online satellite and my 1st ever cash in a live WSOP event(only played a few events)! 

Next event is the 1k WSOP online bracelet event tomorrow, I will post soon with the results. Unless I win a satellite, i’m not planning on playing the main event(10k buy in) starting next week, but good luck to my friends that are! Hope everyone is running well on and off the felt!