Israel 2018 part 1

          Grandma Renee front and center
Father of groom(left), Ariel (groom), Uncle Shlomo
                   Cousin Moshe and me
         My mom and Henny (bride)                                                                                                                                             
Grandma Renee (Left), Mom, Aunt Shulamis, Uncle Shlomo, Henny (bride), and a bunch of kids
                        Ariel (groom)


     August 5th-13th 2018

Tuesday, Aug. 7th: Wedding of Cousin Henny and Ariel 


I haven’t traveled to Israel in over 10 years. so it was great to see family that I haven’t seen in a long time.


My mom and grandmother Renee also flew to Israel. Grandma Renee is a holocaust survivor. At a young age she and her family had to leave they’re home in Losice, Poland. They hid out in  the countryside for 2 years until Poland was freed by Russia. Eventually her family made it to the US where she ultimately settled in Hamden, CT. 

Wedding video 1  Wedding Video 2

                              Lots of cousins!
              Bride taking a peek


It was a religious ceremony, so for most of it men and woman were separated. For the sake of the viewers, I deleted all of the video of my dancing, but I was caught in a picture. Check out the pictures and videos in the middle!


I got moves!


                              Doobim (Bears)
Me, Benyamin ha katan (Little Benjamin), Yitzy, Moshe, and Cousin Leah
                       Lazy lions


I went to the zoo with my cousin Leah, and the kids of my cousin Bracha and her husband Netanel.








     For my friends at the Flamingo                                                                                                              





Thanks for checking out part 1. Part 2 coming soon! As usual, I hope you are running good on and off the felt! -Ben