London Part 3: Museums and Pub Tour!

Let the sightseeing continue! Next stop was the Churchill War Rooms (London Pass). I weaved my way through underground hallways and past rooms formerly used in WW2. It was kind of cool seeing the behind the scenes workings of WW2, but overall it wasn’t my favorite museum. Most of the rooms were pretty similar and repetitive.

From the War Rooms, I headed towards Trafalgar square. I passed St. James Park, historic buildings, as well as famous monuments and statues. Even though it was free, I didn’t go in the National Gallery, but I heard it’s a great museum. I’ll save that for the next visit.

I had to check out some authentic London Pubs, so I signed up for a Pub Tour. I was joined by Nick our guide, as well as Laura and Greg, a nice couple from outside of Denver. We weaved our way through the Covent Garden neighborhood, while gaining some local knowledge from Nick. There was good company, a nice walk, and of course various types of beer and pub snacks, making it a very enjoyable tour.

A nice walk along the Thames River and a stop at Tate Modern, a free, contemporary art museum. This museum was different, full of strange art that clearly left me perplexed. I guess you could say it wasn’t my cup of English tea.

Continuing along the along the river path, I stopped at Shakespeare’s Globe (London Pass). A tour was included with entry, so I tagged along. Although the whole theater was recreated, it was still interesting to see where Shakespeare’s tales were first acted.

Last part coming soon, then i’ll probably write about my trip to Boston. Thanks for reading!