London September 2019, Part 1

I left Vegas on Sept. 24th after a quick stop in Dusseldorf, Germany, we were headed to London. I fell asleep during the takeoff but apparently the plane hit a flock of birds and the captain decided to turn around and head back to Germany. The plane was flying fine and we didn’t notice anything abnormal. After switching planes we made it to London a few hours later then scheduled.

I took the subway to King’s Cross/ St. Pancras station where I had booked an Airbnb nearby. St. Pancras is a large domestic and international train station located it in the Camden section of London. It has a hotel at the front of the station and it’s Gothic Revival style architecture is magnificent.

I bought The London Pass which gave me unlimited access to various sites in London for 3 days. My first stop was the Jewish Museum, a short walk from my Airbnb. It’s a small museum with a lot Jewish artifacts and a small holocaust exhibit. Overall, it was a nice, small, cozy museum in a less congested neighborhood (Camden) of London.

Next stop was the Charles Dickens Museum. Another small museum where Dickens himself used to live. A quick tour of this place and I got an idea of what his life was like. My favorite part was the courtyard, a nice retreat from the busy London streets.

Next on the tour was The British Museum. It was actually free so I didn’t need the London Pass for this one. Not doing much research beforehand, I assumed the museum would be about Great Britain. Surprisingly, it had very little British history (if any). Instead, it covered almost every other continent, as well as various cultures and eras around the world. I really enjoyed this museum, the size and variety of exhibits was nothing like any other museum I’ve ever been to.

This concludes Part 1. In Part 2, I tour more places in London and hit the felt. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, hope everyone is running good on and off the felt!