My name is Ben Abrahams or Boston Ben and The P.W.G (Pale White Guy) as i’m known locally. I founded Chai Poker in January 2016 as an organization dedicated to poker and charity. Chai is the hebrew word for life and it is often used in Jewish culture. So Chai Poker is a combination of life and poker…the poker life.

I’m originally from Newton, Ma (near Boston), but got tired of traveling around New England to play poker. So in May of 2013 I left Boston with my sights set on the Las Vegas strip. My first few months in Vegas didn’t go very well and I quickly realized that he needed some consistent income, so I got job working part time for Clark County Parks and Recreation. My time with Clark County was amazing. I was able to work with some awesome co workers dedicated to improving the Las Vegas community. In total, I worked for 3 community centers: Cambridge, Paradise, and Desert Breeze

In January of 2016 I decided to strictly focus on playing poker in Las Vegas. I have been a consistent winner and respected player in both live and online play.

On the old WSOP.com my screename was: ChaiofDiamon . On the new WSOP.com it is ChaiPoker

In live play, I can usually be found playing in cash games to qualify for free tournaments around town, or as locals call it “a freeroll grinder” and i’m proud of it!

In January of 2016 Chai Charities held it’s first charity fundraising event. My sister Marisa and I completed a 5k and raised over $600 for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. Since then we have had several more fundraising events such as 5k’s and poker tournaments.

On June 27th, 2018, Chai Charities Inc. became an officially registered non profit organization with tax exempt status (EIN:82-5391706)

Please check back often to see what events are upcoming. Donations at any time are gladly accepted and appreciated!

Chai Charities Inc. Articles of Incorporation

Chai Charities Corporate Charter

*Chair Charities is an independent organization and not directly affiliated with anyone else.