Originally from Boston, Ma. Ben Abrahams grew up playing sports and cheering for New England sports teams. He started playing poker in college at The University of Pittsburgh. Since then his passion for the game has never wavered. In 2013, he left Boston and moved to Las Vegas. For two years he worked at local community centers teaching sports and managing kids camps. In 2015, he began playing poker full time and is known in Vegas as “Boston Ben” or “The PWG” (The Pale White Guy).

Ben founded Chai Charities Inc. in 2017 as a way to give back to the local community. Chai Charities Inc. is a 501-3-C non profit organization registered with the state of Nevada.

Ben can be found playing live poker in Vegas, the country, and the world. As well as online under the handle ChaiPoker. He loves traveling around the world and writing about his experiences. Do you know a charity that needs help? Please contact us!