Pura Vida, Blog post #3:

The adventures continued as I took a quick bus ride to a small beach town North of Uvita, called Dominical. It’s famous for its surfing culture. I rented a board and gave it a go but without much success. I mostly ended up just trying to boogie board with the surfboard. Oh well!

One of my longer trips from Uvita was to Quepos and Parque Manuel Antonio. From Uvita, I took a bus North to the city of Quepos. From there I took another short bus ride to the Parque. The scenery to the Parque was beautiful along the coast of C.R. Make sure to buy your ticket in advance online for the Parque if you ever make it there. The Parque was interesting consisting of walking trails through the forest and along the beach, spotting various animals and foliage along the way. Watch out for the monkeys, they are food thieves! I wish I had brought my bathing suit because the beaches looked great. Now I know and knowing is half the battle (GI Joes)!

I was able to attend another round of soccer games, this time we traveled to the nearby town of Matapalo. My refereeing services weren’t needed so I got to relax and watch the games. Uvita won ¾ games, go Uvita!

Thanks for reading, last blog coming soon!